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Welcome to the paradise...

The house is located in a privileged location in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, where an exuberant nature of infinite shades of green coexists, with a sea of crystalline waters that range from the  turquoise blue to deep green and a great diversity of fauna and flora  that make up this rich ecosystem.   The stunning views of the condominium are completed with a total leisure structure and a house that has all the amenities for a relaxing and unforgettable stay...

The House

Duplex house with spectacular sea and mountain views, located in the upper part of a condominium with complete leisure facilities. Access is via stairs or cable car-style elevator with wonderful views.  It is a relaxing, peaceful and quiet place.  Don't be surprised by the visit of tamarins nearby!

They are part of the ecosystem...

The Condominium

The Condominium is located by the sea, 10 km from the center of Angra dos Reis,  in one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian Costa Verde, opposite Ilha da Pimenta. in an area  of 190 thousand square meters, it has a complete leisure structure integrated with the exuberant nature of the region.  It has its own Marina and a beach with crystal clear waters where starfish and sea turtles are preserved.

The Condominium is located at:


10 km  from the center of Angra dos Reis

167 km from Antonio Carlos International Airport  Jobim, in Rio de Janeiro

151 km from Rio de Janeiro

411 km from Sao Paulo

553 km from Belo Horizonte

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